Social Simulation and Games at the Social Simulation Week 2020

On Thursday, 17th of October 2020, the ESSA SIG for Social Simulation and Games organized the workshop Games and Agent-Based Modelling- Investigating Synergies at the Social Simulation Week 2020. Three invited speakers, Christophe LePage, Lui Yang and Timo Szczepanska, led the workshop participants through a 1,5 hours programme. During the day, we reviewed current practices and discussed drivers and barriers when integrating mixed method research designs that combine games and ABM. 

Video and programme

(Timestamp: 0:01:55)
Liu Yang (Southeast University, China) talked about integrating agent-based modelling and serious gaming for planning transport infrastructure and public spaces.

(Timestamp: 0:30:00)
Timo Szczepanska (UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, Norway) showcased recent findings of a systematic literature review on established practices and new developments in the field for discussion.

(Timestamp: 1:04:00)
Harko Verhagen (University of Stockholm, Sweden) and Melania Borit (UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, Norway) guided the participants through an interactive session to explore why we want to mix games and ABM, why we don’t do it, and how we can advance investigating the potential synergies of games and ABM.

(Timestamp: 1:05:00)
Christophe LePage (The French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development- CIRAD-, France) granted insights to his experiences with applying games in participatory settings.